Inspiring Moms and Dads provides professional development for the job of parenthood.  

Amy Hilbrich Davis, founded the company in 2006 and is the CEO of Inspiring Moms and Dads. Amy inspires parents to lead with their strengths in the areas where they need and want it the most.

Parenthood is one of the most important and challenging jobs in the world. The rewards are rich, but the demands and expectations can be overwhelming.

Happy Parent = Happy Family

The old saying “if mom is happy, everybody is happy” is true—Research confirms Happier Parent = Happier Family.

Whether you stay-at-home, work-outside-the-home, are single or a parent-to-be, inspiring Moms and Dads can help you find greater balance, success, and happiness as a parent. Our strategies, tools, and proven solutions help you:

* Increase balance and reduce stress
* Find more time for you and your partner
* Create more cooperation and have more fun with your kids
* Learn to ask for help and develop a support system
* Organize a functional and happy home

Training Works!

Professional development and training works in business world and now it’s time to bring it home! Our award-winning balance MAP is our newest solution and gives you a personalized plan in just 15 minutes! Whether it is our balance MAP, Personal Coaching or a customized employee Engagement and Wellness Program, Inspiring Moms and Dads is your destination for living a more balanced life.