Amy Hilbrich Davis

Amy Hilbrich Davis is the happy mother of seven, CEO of Inspiring Moms and Dads, and FamilyLife Success. She is also the author and creator of the balance MAP.  Amy empowers parents to implement proven strategies and personalized solutions to create greater balance, success, and happiness in their family life.

About Amy

Take one girl growing up in a small town in Indiana, add 5 older and 2 younger siblings, mix in a loving Mom and Dad, and stir. This is part of the secret to Amy Davis’ confidence, energy and passion as a mother.

Nurtured by her family and friends, Amy enjoyed life at Indiana University and then a budding pharmaceutical sales career with Eli Lilly. Thrilled with her first ever car, expense account and sales job (in that order), Amy left for California to strike it rich. Little did she know that her “fortune” would ultimately be 6’5″ and answer to the name of Randy Davis.

Amy and Randy dreamed of marriage, travel and some day a family. The marriage came easily, the travel is spotty, and creating a family emerged as a passion they both shared. Their family has grown and now Amy and Randy enjoy a full life with their seven kids and their passion for family life led to Inspiring Moms and Dads and FamilyLife Success.

Inspiring Moms And Dads

Amy (partnering again with Randy) founded Inspiring Moms and Dads, a company that provides professional development for the job of parenthood. Being a parent isn’t easy. Most admit as much, yet who is advocating for parents as they juggle the infinite demands on their finite time and energy?  Amy’s  mission is to innovate parent hood so that moms and dads feel more connected, in control, and confident as they raise their families. At the end of the day, is there anything more important?

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