What We Do

Training for the Job of Mom

Inspiring Moms offers professional development for the job of mom. We offer strategies, tools and solutions to achieve greater balance, success and happiness as a mom.

Professional development works in business, and now it’s time to bring it home! Our newest solution – the Inspiring Moms¬†Balance Map gives you a personalized action plan in just 15 minutes! Whether it is our Balance Map, Personal Coaching or a customized Employee Program, Inspiring Moms is your destination for living a more balanced life.

Inspiring Moms Want to Help More Moms Feel Successful

Motherhood is one of the most important and challenging jobs in the world. The rewards are rich, but the demands and expectations can be overwhelming. Modern moms face outdated and unrealistic expectations. Without tools or preparation for this complex job, moms are not set up for success. This can make them feel unsuccessful, leading to feelings of guilt and self-doubt.