balance MAP: How It Works

Because you don’t have a lot of time, we’ve made it fast and as easy as 1-2-3!  In just 15 minutes, you get  answers and solutions to your greatest challenges as a parent.

1.  Complete the Personal Inventory. Our 100% confidential online questionnaire helps you identify what is working in your life today and where you would like to make some changes in the future.  The questions:

  • Are based on the science of personal and family wellness.
  • Have no right or wrong answers. You will never be compared to other parents. This is just about you.
  • Takes about 15 minutes to complete online.

2.  Your customized balance MAP is created. Powered by your  responses to the Personal Inventory, a customized balance MAP is generated immediately.  There are over 100 Million unique versions of the balance MAP.  Your customized balance MAP guides you with:

  • The Five Key Ingredients to raising happy and healthy families,
  • An overview of your strengths and opportunities for growth for each of the Key Ingredients
  • The Success Strategy to drive you forward for each Key Ingredient
  • The recommended Best Practices or proven solutions to address your greatest opportunity for each Key Ingredient
  • About 60 pages of insights, strategies and specific step-by-step solutions tailored to your life to make achieving greater balance, success, and happiness both faster and easier.

3. Use it. We’ve made it easy by including a simple one-page action plan  to help you crystalize and easily keep track of:

  • Your goals for you and your family.
  • Your greatest strength that you can build from.
  • Where you want to begin to make a difference in your life. Your balance MAP provides pages of options tailored to you, now it’s time to pick a few and jump in!

The balance MAP empowers you to take control of and enjoy your busy life. We’ll make your best even better!