balance MAP – What You Get

The balance MAP is a customized guide with approximately 60 pages of insights, strategies, and solutions to help you maximize your time as a parent.  It is modeled after leadership and professional development programs in the business world and provides the four things anyone needs to excel in their job:

1. The Recipe for Success. Using the science of personal and family wellness, we have identified the Five Key Ingredients to happy, healthy and successful families.

2. Personal Inventory. This is our 15-minute online confidential questionnaire that asks you to reflect on what is important to you, what’s working in your life, and where you see opportunity for growth or improvement.  Your responses are converted to easy-to-read graphs that give you a clear understanding of your strengths and opportunities for each Key Ingredient.  Click here to learn more about the graphs.

3. Recommended Best Practices. Simply said, these are proven solutions.  You will receive a number of Best Practices to address your greatest challenge in each of the Five Key Ingredients.  The magic here is that you don’t get a laundry list of all the things you could/should do as a parent, but solutions to the five greatest challenges identified by your responses in the Personal Inventory.

4.  MAP (My Action Plan). How many times have you read a book, thought, wow that had some great ideas and then “life gets in the way” and you never do anything with the ideas?  The MAP is a single one-page document that further focuses you on your goals, greatest strength (because we usually forget about our strengths) and the specific steps you will take to address your two greatest opportunities.