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The balance MAP is a innovative approach to solving some of the challenges of parenthood and we’d like you to try it out FREE!  The balance MAP lets you quickly identify the areas in your life contributing to your success and happiness as well as the areas creating stress and concern – in just 15-minutes.

Get a Personalized Action Plan for your Personal Wellness

Because there is nothing like it, the best way to really understand what it offers is to take it for a spin and try it out — on us. The Free Sample allows you to take our online questionnaire and receive the first section of the balance MAP.

The Free Trial focuses on your Personal Wellness and will show you:

  • Easy to read graphs on where you feel you are doing well and show you areas that you have concerns.
  • An overview on the impact of your Personal Wellness on you and your family
  • The strategy to making your Personal Wellness a priority in your busy and demanding life
  • Recommended solutions based on Best Practices and research to address the concerns you addressed in your online questionnaire.

balance MAP: Developed for Time-Starved Parents

It’s 100% confidential and you won’t be asked for any credit card information and we will never, ever sell or give your personal information to anyone.  Here is a link to our Privacy Policy.