Be Supportive, Flexible, And Loving This Thanksgiving: Give Others Grace

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Personal Wellness

As you prepare to give thanks this week, give yourself and others grace. Decide not to criticize, judge, or compare yourself, your kids, or your home to another’s. Remember that your Sister, Brother, Sister-in-law, Mom, and Dad are all doing their best. No, their best might not resemble yours, yet that’s life. We are all so unique, yet your love for each other binds you. Forgive them if they bring 10 cookies instead of three dozen, or if they forget to bring a pie, or mashed potatoes. It’s really okay–life will go on. Run to the store or do without. Strive to be flexible, loving, supportive, and accepting. Be kind to yourself and be kind to those you love. You can absolutely do it!

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