Be the Parent: It’s Your Job!

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Daily Insights,Parenting

It’s your job to teach your kids what respectful behavior looks like. How do your kids address you when they are angry or disagree with you? Is it respectful? Every behavior that you allow, every “Whatever!,” or “Who cares?” or “You are mean!!” that comes out of your sweet son or daughter’s mouth without consequences, sends the message that you think their behavior is acceptable. It’s not important enough to modify. Define your boundaries and then when your kids cross them, allow a logical or natural consequence to provide a learning opportunity. Your goal is to teach them a healthier way to talk to you. Yell at Mom, lose the activity that your are doing at the time of disrespect. Call Dad a name before heading out to the football game, lose the football game. Make sense? Your kids are clever, they will soon learn that being disrespectful isn’t healthy and Mom and Dad will consistently reinforce their boundaries. It’s our job! :)

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