Big Girls and Big Boys Do Cry: Let them–It’s Healthy!

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Daily Insights,Parenting,Personal Wellness

Let your child cry–it’s healthy. Use this phrase to give your child permission to show sadness. “I know your sad, and it’s okay to cry.” No matter if it comes from being hurt physically or emotionally–it’s healthy to get it out. When we say, “Don’t cry, you’ll be fine.” It suggests that crying is bad or disappointing. “Big boys or girls don’t cry” or the “toughen up” attitude is antiquated and overlooks the importance of honesty in emotions–no matter the age. It suggest that hiding how we feel is how we manage through tough times. NO!! Let em cry, hug and be there, and then praise their courage to move forward. In fact, when was your last good cry? Maybe it’s time to let it out. :)

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