Busy Moms: Personal Time is Precious

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Support

For busy moms, a minute alone is precious.  For most moms, even one more minute is valuable. Sometimes even just an extra minute can feel like such a gift– better than a diamond.

Ever lie in bed in the morning and send up a silent plea for just a few more seconds of quiet before the pitter patter of little feet wake you to the demands of your day? Some days I feel like I don’t get one minute to myself.

I experienced many such mornings when I had a houseful of preschool kids and a baby in the nursery. I would often spend the early morning hours nursing, lay our newborn in the crib, then sneak back down the hall and steal a few minutes to myself before the kids rushed in.

In those moments, I would revel in the quiet. Sure, I could always jump up and fold a load of laundry or run down to the basement and start a new one, but I taught myself to stop. Laundry would always be there, but time just for me would not.

I learned that my time and energy were finite. I needed to conserve and enjoy the peaceful time, even if it was just an additional 60 seconds.

It took me too long to honor myself and give myself permission to enjoy the extra minutes. I think I had a few kids before I allowed myself permission to not always be productive.

Learn from my mistake and please give yourself permission to take those extra seconds, and relax, and breathe.  We know that being a mom is never-ending, it’s 24-7, so give yourself the grace you’d give a friend or a family member.

Be kind to yourself and revel in those extra minutes, and conserve your energy.

Because we know that you’re going to need it!

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