As a mom, the operational and logistical tasks of keeping your home and family organized and running smoothly most likely rests on your shoulders.

To be more successful, you need to become more efficient and effective with managing the daily responsibilities so you can spend more time on you, your partner and your kids.

The following posts will help you Develop Systems & Routines To Become More Efficient.

When everyone pitches in at home, life is sweeter. The sooner your kids feel like they contribute, the sooner they will reap the benefits of being a part of a team. Cooperation and working together create strength and chores builds those muscles. Start small and start early. “I love the way you loaded your dish, great job!” or ” Look at you, you sure picked up your toys fast. Wow, you are like lightening!” Make a list of the chores your kids are capable of doing. Post it and create a schedule. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Remember, work strengthens responsibility, self esteem, and confidence. Working together creates happier, healthier, and stronger families. Just do it.

You are living the best days of your life. Believe it or not, your children will grow up–sooner than you think. For many of you right now, that may sound like a relief, yet in what seems like a blink of an eye, your dreams will come true: You will have a spotless kitchen, you will have a clean car, and you will have plenty of time to make four course meals and it won’t matter to you–you won’t want it then! You will long for the mess, long for those crazy-making moments in the morning and evening, and yearn for art work to walk in the door each afternoon. I know that your life is crazy–accept it. Own it and make it your crazy.

Your family is the most important team that your kids will ever play on. Make 2013 one of your strongest, happiest, and winningest yet. Define what success looks like for your team. Think about how you can make a difference in each other’s lives and the lives of your community when you pull together. What kind of season do you want it to be? How are you going to achieve your goals? United you stand, divided is just not an option. Unite and thrive!

You are what you do, what you say, and how you live. Your role model is on candid camera 24/7. Your children are learning about life’s priorities by watching you. Do you take care of yourself? Do you spend time with those you love? Do you speak respectfully of and to others. Do you care for those in need? Walk the walk of your priorities. Live the life you want your kids to live!

The best kept parenting secret is LAUGHTER. When in doubt, laugh it off! Laugh at yourself, laugh at your circumstance, and above all else, laugh a ton with your family. Your smile and attitude is contagious. Your laughter is golden. Share it with your family, friends, and colleagues. Share it with yourself. You are doing a wonderful job!

Your family is your family. Accept them for the good, the bad, and the wacky. Do your best to focus on your many blessings and give the many challenges you face a much deserved day off. Count your blessings. Put the differences you have with your family aside and celebrate each other. Go around the table at dinner and ask each person to share one thing that they are thankful for and why. Enjoy each other’s company. Make it a great day!