As a mom, the operational and logistical tasks of keeping your home and family organized and running smoothly most likely rests on your shoulders.

To be more successful, you need to become more efficient and effective with managing the daily responsibilities so you can spend more time on you, your partner and your kids.

The following posts will help you Develop Systems & Routines To Become More Efficient.

‎”Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness.” Memorize this phrase. Teach your kids that it’s smart to seek out support. Explain that Olympic athletes don’t achieve excellence alone; they have strength trainers, nutritionists, psychologists, etc., not because they are weak, but because they know they cannot achieve achieve their full potential on their own. They need help and so do you and your kids. Live like a champion and ask for help!

At the end of the day, the demands of family life can be so overwhelming that it’s tough to see the forest through the trees. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of everyone’s needs, let alone find time for yourself or your partner/spouse. To start to chip away at the stress, ask yourself a few questions: What is my greatest need? What areas of my life are bothering me the most? Is it morning time stress, fitting myself into my priorities, finding time to be with my spouse or partner, getting dinner on the table, or feeling organized? Chances are it’s a combination of all of these things, yet you have to start somewhere. Pick one area. Start small and work your way forward. Inch by inch…..

Raising kids with a strong work ethic is crazy important especially as so many kids feel entitled and expect you to do everything. The most important thing to know about hard work, is that it is learned. It can begin as early as in the toddler years. Start out by giving your child “learning opportunities,” like clearing the dishes, putting their dirty clothes in the laundry, or raking leaves with the family. “Wow, you worked hard on that, good for you! or “What a help, You are good at loading the dishes!” When kids apply themselves, feel supported and genuinely encouraged, they feel like they are contributing. That feels good. This process becomes ingrained and impacts their school work, sports, and community. It’s never too early or too late to start teaching them. You can absolutely do it!

No one knows the priorities, values, and responsibilities of your family better than you. It’s up to you to take control and say, “No” when a team practice or school activity gets in the way of a family event or priority. Life will go on if your child misses a practice. Might the coach be upset?–maybe, but who runs your family– a little League, high school, or middle school coach? Own and live out your family priorities. The look on your preschooler’s face when her school play audience is filled with brothers and sisters is priceless. Don’t let those moments pass. They are too precious.

When your kids reminisce about life growing up in your house, what do you want them to remember? Is it that you could eat off the floors they were so clean, or that you were always dressed to the nines, and their clothes always matched and came from the best stores? As appealing as all of that might sound, does all of that really matter? Think hard about what you want their answer to be and then LIVE it each day. It takes courage to live our your priorities. Just do it!

Hold your kids to their commitments–be they chores, homework, or activities. Provide your kids with every opportunity to experience how good it feels to be dependable, hard working, and responsible. If chores aren’t done and done well, privileges can’t happen. As harsh as that sounds, you are nurturing a great gift –work ethic. It’s this ethic that will reward your kids for the rest of their lives. Life is hard, give them the skills to achieve their goals.