It’s easy to fall into the “divide and conquer” mode as parents and lose sight of the importance of your relationship. When you and your partner make time for each other without the kids, you send a powerful message to your family that the strength of your relationship is important and that strength takes time and energy. The better your relationship is, the stronger and more successful parents you’ll be!

Motherhood is tough. Whether you work inside or outside the home, it is your most treasured job and your most challenging. Research at Inspiring Moms indicates that two out of three moms are dissatisfied with these areas of motherhood: Thriving as a Mom, Feeling in Control as a Mom, Knowing What It Takes to Reach Full Potential at a Mom, and Doing a Great Job as a Mom. How do you feel?  Check out the Balance MAP to take control of and enjoy your busy life.

Live the life you want your kids to live! If you want your kids to value friends, spend time with yours. If you want your kids to have a loving dynamic partner relationship, go on dates– laugh. If you want your kids to live a happy, healthy, joy-filled life, YOU need to live it first! Live the dream! Show them how to raise a family AND grow personally in the process. Make it a great day!

It is our job as parents to put a priority on family. Let your kids know that spending time together matters to the health, happiness, and success of your family. As precious and important as it is though, it gets harder to plan as our kids get older. Share the importance of being together and having fun as a family. Your kids will thank you…one day, anyway.

Show your kids what integrity means. They are watching you and modeling themselves after you. Do what you say, be consistent, tell other people the truth, and take responsibility when you make a mistake. Live the life you want them to live. Make it a great Saturday!

One of our most important roles as a mom is to schedule family time. It truly doesn’t just “happen.” I drop my oldest off for his freshman year at Harvard next week and I see how important time really is to our family. Earlier today the kids played cards and Sorry. Tonight all nine of us had a ball having a water fight before dinner. Laughing with one another makes such a difference to the strength of your family.