The joy that comes from having fun with your kids is endless. It’s in those moments where memories are made, both for yourself and your kids. The holidays make this easier.  Imagine every moment in the next few weeks an opportunity to create a happy memory. Each new day is a blank page for you to “write on”. Try to accumulate as many of those happy memories as you can in the course of your lifetime. It’s these memories that will make us smile when we’re old and gray.

If your kids can walk, they can help. As you raise your children, think of ways to nurture responsibility and independence.  To make it easier, start small and  simple. Choose a cabinet to store unbreakable dishes and then let your kids unload the dishwasher. Let them help you! Praise them by saying, “Wow, that was a huge help. I like when you unload the cups, want to try the forks?” “I knew you could do it!” Your praise is powerful and will fuel their desire to help–a win/win for you and their healthy development.

Why Bonding Feels Good

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Daily Insights,Kids

Creating and nurturing a special bond with your kids takes time, invention, and energy. It won’t just happen on its own. Unfortunately, investing in that precious connection can get overlooked while we struggle to manage the unending demands of modern motherhood. You can absolutely do this- because you want it, it feels good to be close, and it will transform your family experience.

Consider this when you feel guilty or too tired to find a babysitter so you can go out with friends or with your partner: The more positive role models that surround your kids the better adjusted, more confident, and happier they will be. Hand pick those role models and welcome them into your home. You will all be happier and healthier because of it and your kids will thrive!

The more you experience the love and support of your friends, the more inspired you will be to create and nurture friendships. If you have a sense that you aren’t as connected, take action and reach out. Re-energize those friendships! You will feel better and you’ll be teaching your kids how important friends are to a joy-filled and healthy life.

Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness. The more we live by this strategy, the better the role models we are to our kids. Think: I need to “live the life I want my kids to live!” and walk the walk of building a thriving support network.