Juggling the responsibilities of family and work requires enormous amounts of time and energy. At the end of the day, there is only so much of you to go around, and the kids usually get first dibs.

Your relationship with your partner is a major contributor to your happiness, health, and development of your children, whether you are married or not.

The following posts will guide you to Make Your Partner Relationship a Priority

You are living the best days of your life. Believe it or not, your children will grow up–sooner than you think. For many of you right now, that may sound like a relief, yet in what seems like a blink of an eye, your dreams will come true: You will have a spotless kitchen, you will have a clean car, and you will have plenty of time to make four course meals and it won’t matter to you–you won’t want it then! You will long for the mess, long for those crazy-making moments in the morning and evening, and yearn for art work to walk in the door each afternoon. I know that your life is crazy–accept it. Own it and make it your crazy.

If you want your kids to live a happy, healthy, joy-filled life, you have to live it first. The way you treat yourself, your partner, and your kids sends a powerful message to what matters most to you. Make time for yourself; your interests and your passions. Your well being needs to be one of your top priorities. Spend time with your partner–united you stand, divided you will trip and one day, after tripping so much, you will fall. Create healthy and safe boundaries for your kids. Teach them to love, respect, and work together as a team. Honor the most important relationships in your life with time and you and your family will be happier, healthier, and more successful. You will thrive!

Your world revolves around your family. Your family’s health, happiness, and success is largely dependent upon your health, happiness, and success. If you live a life that is healthy, happy and fulfilled, your kids live it right alongs side you. They are organically connected to you. Your happiness is there’s and your sadness follows them. Choose joy, fulfillment, and meaning and watch it spread. Merry Christmas to you and your dear family. It’s a wonderful life!

Before you start to make pies or pack for Grandma’s, make your partner/spouse one of your priorities. Make time for each other! It’s so easy to overlook how important it is to keep the love that binds your family on your to do list, yet it is one of the most important relationship in your life and you have to keep it strong. In order for it to be strong and enduring, you have to invest in it. Go out on a date ( without the kids). Laugh, hold hands, and be close. What are you waiting for? Book your sitter and make it a great Friday night!

Only you can define your happiness. Don’t let your Mother, your neighbor, your sister, or your best friend tell you how you are suppose to feel or who you are suppose to be. Believe in yourself, define your dreams, and surround yourself with love and support. Live boldly and with confidence. You are pretty terrific!

Be the change you want to see in the world. Instead of following the crowd, decide today to stop criticizing other moms and dads. You do your best, why not believe that every other parent is doing their best, too? Perhaps they just don’t know a better way. Before you “slam” another, choose to share what works for you. Create a virtuous cycle instead of being a part of the vicious one. Live the life you want your kids to live. Support others!