Juggling the responsibilities of family and work requires enormous amounts of time and energy. At the end of the day, there is only so much of you to go around, and the kids usually get first dibs.

Your relationship with your partner is a major contributor to your happiness, health, and development of your children, whether you are married or not.

The following posts will guide you to Make Your Partner Relationship a Priority

Take every opportunity to love and adore your partner. Invest in each other! Become each other’s greatest fan. Don’t wait until your kids are grown– even though you feel like your family demands all of your attention now and there is nothing left. Make time to be together. Together you will thrive and your family will thrive right alongside you. Talk about a win/win!

Live the life you want your kids to live! This life strategy is a win/win. It’s good for you and good for your kids all at the same time. If you want your kids to live a happy, healthy, joy-filled life, you need to live it first. Show them how it’s done. Live the dream!

Honor the importance of personal time–even on the weekends. Life is busy and you may feel guilty for wanting some time, yet unless you feel mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy, you will be no good to anyone and resentment will set in. Schedule time to exercise and go out on a date with your partner/spouse. I promise that you will have more fun and feel more energized and engaged with your kids. Role model that your family is happier and healthier when Mom or Dad nurtures their wellness, both individually and as a couple. Live the life you want your kids to live!

YOUR FAMILY WAS created because of the love you shared with your partner or spouse, yet it’s easy to misplace that love as it gets lost in the shuffle of juggling the unending needs of your growing family. I know how that feels. Don’t let them happen to you for very long. It’s time to find that love again! Your partner can be your biggest fan and greatest support as you raise your family, yet before that can happen, you need to make each other a PRIORITY. I promise, once you both reinvest in each other, pa

ONE OF THE SMARTEST moves you can make as a parent is to ask for help. Not only is it a strength, but it sends a very powerful message to your kids that when it comes to achieving success, whether in your home life or professional life, developing support is smart. Support is the #1 success factor to parenthood. You can do it, just ask!

‎”SELL THE DREAM!” If you want your kids to live, a happy, healthy, joy-filled life, you need to live it first. Live it and then talk about it. Share why your morning or evening run is so important to you? Why do you hire a sitter to make it happen? Tell your kids how great it feels to exercise and sweat for reasons other than chasing after them at the park. Why do you go out on dates with your spouse/partner or out with friends? Explain that those relationships are important and make you happy –Spending time and energy to nurture and grow them is healthy and smart. Your kids are watching you live your life and learning what is important, who is important, and how you honor those things. “LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT YOUR KIDS TO LIVE!”