The weather outside is frightful…but these books are so delightful! No gift is more precious; no time better spent then cozying up with your child and reading a book. Reading to your child opens up a lifetime of friendships and adventures that transform you both to lands of fantasy, frill and fun.

How Santa Got His Job, is a darling story by Stephen Krensky and illustrated by S.D. Schindler reviewing the many jobs that Santa tried before he landed on the gift delivery service. I bet you didn’t know that Santa started out cleaning chimneys! This tale is so clever and one your kids will beg you to read each night, promise! Check it out on

Do you feel like your kids need to embrace the magic of Santa and his reindeer? Meet Holly, a lovely little girl who writes letters to Santa in Dear Santa Claus, written by Alan Durant and illustrated by Vanessa Cabban. This book has inspired so many of our family’s holiday traditions that I had to include it in my favorites list. The Christmas spirit will soar in your house as you read Santa’s special notes to Holly. I just read this one to my 1st grader, Louisa’s class to huge applause! Check it out on

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathon Toomey is written by Susan Wojciechowski, and illustrated by P.J. Lynch. This Christmas story is a family treasure. A lonely woodcarver mourning the loss of his family is hired to carve a crèche for the local widow McDowell. Witness a warming of his spirit as the beauty of Christmas warms his heart. This book embraces the true joy of the season. Check it out on

Bet you didn’t know that Santa has a sis–or does he? Auntie Claus, written and illustrated by Elise Primavera is a must have for your holiday collection. Join Sophie on her adventures as she stows away to discover why her Great Aunt leaves every December on business. Enjoy the magic and wonders of the holiday season! Check it out on

Ever wonder what snowmen do at night? Join husband and wife author and their wonderful illustrator team, Caralyn and Mark Buehner on a night of wintertime fun in the book Snowmen at Night.  Each page is filled with imaginative adventures detailing all the fun we’re missing out on each night. Your kids will love this book! Check it out on



TurkeyThank You, Sarah – The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving by Laurie Halse Anderson illustrated by Matt Faulkner – Love this story!  The heroine is a mom who was brave, bold, stubborn, smart, and she saved Thanksgiving—how’s that for a role model?!  Check it out on
Thanksgiving at the Tappleton’s by Eileen Spinelli and illustrated by Megan Lloyd - Everyone in the family has a secret that could spoil the much anticipated Thanksgiving turkey and all the trimmings. Fortunately, the message of this book will warm your heart and might just help you deal with your “Uncle Fritz”. Check it out on
We Gather Together…Now Please Get Lost! by Diane deGroat - This story follows Gilbert and his class on a field trip to Pilgrim Town.  Unfortunately, Gilbert gets stuck with the class tattle-tale, Phillip, but ends up being thankful to be his buddy. Check it out on
Turk and Runt, A Thanksgiving Comedy by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Frank Ansley - This story is about Turk, the “prize” turkey and his little brother Runt the one that “no one ever listens to”.  You and your kids will crack up at this hilarious book and will be thankful that the family finally listened to Runt! This one is our family’s all time favorite year after year!  Check it out on 
We would love for you to post your family favorites on the inspiring Moms Facebook Fan Page so that we can add them to our collection!

Make it a Happy, Healthy, Safe, & Cozy Thanksgiving!

Happy Halloween!
With it just weeks away, here are our all time favorite Halloween books and our favorite Halloween DVD:

Kiki’s Delivery Service - I love Halloween; watching the kids race through our neighborhood screaming for each other to wait up, while munching on their favorite candy—honestly does it get any better than this as moms or as kids?  One of my favorite traditions every year since my oldest were little is to make cocoa for everyone and then curl up, candy  bags spilled out on floor, and watch our favorite Halloween movie, ever; Kiki’s Delivery ServiceNo matter the ages of my kids, this tradition is enjoyed by EVERYONE. It wouldn’t be a Davis Halloween without it!  Check it out on

Halloween, by Jerry Seinfeld - Imagine Seinfeld recounting his Halloweens as a kid sharing his quest for the all important, “candy.”  You’ll love it!  Check it out on  

One Halloween Night, by Mark Teague – We adore Mark Teague’s illustrations.  Anything can happen on Halloween, as you follow a group of kids trick-or-treating while enchantments keep them safe from the town bully. Check it out on
Alice and Greta, by Steven J. Simmons – Alice is a sweet witch and Greta is the less than sweet one.  Learn how the enchantment they learned as kids teaches an important life lesson that all kids will remember.  The message of this book is powerful. Check it out on
Runaway Pumpkin, by Kevin Lewis – This lovely rhyming tale follows the trail of a pumpkin on the loose.  You’ll love reading this one as each page rhymes with the next. Check it out on 
Halloween Night on Shivermore Street, by Pam Pollack and Meg BelvisoA counting book that gives you chills along with some thrills. This playful, but sometimes scary Halloween Party has a guest list that may be a bit ghoulish for wee ones, but perfect for your older ones. Check it out on

Each one of these books is fun, colorful, and will become a fast family favorite!  As always, I love to hear from you so please email me ( with your family’s favorites or post them on our Fan Page on Facebook and we will add them to our growing list!

Every year at this time, I’m reminded of one of my favorite books: Oh, the Places You’ll Go, by Dr Seuss. As your kids start school, a new grade–maybe in a new town, whatever the transition, the message is timeless and overwhelmingly realistic, positive and encouraging. The book starts confidently with “Congratulations, today is your day. You’re off to great places, you’re off and away!“ You then get a dose of reality, with “I’m sorry to say so but, sadly, it’s true that bang ups and hang ups can happen to you.” The coolest thing about this book is that it gives you an opportunity to relate to your kids, talk about how everyone has “bang ups and hang ups,” even you! This book is all about encouragement and accomplishment sprinkled with failure…Life.  Run out and buy this one if you don’t already have it. It’s a classic. Check it out on


Consider The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn to help ease the anxieties of separation when your little ones head back to school or off for their first day ever. Sweet Chester, a raccoon doesn’t want to go to school. His momma gently lets him know that “sometimes we all have to do things we don’t want to do.” Momma raccoon’s solution is dear and one that has helped my kids take my love with them wherever they go. This book will become a family favorite, I promise!  Check it out on



June Reviews

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Book Reviews,Read All About It!

Mommy Brain by Katherine Ellison. This book will fascinate you and peak your curiosity regarding motherhood and why we are all so darn smart! Author, Katherine Ellison tackles the science behind the organic changes our brain endures as we juggle the never-ending physical and emotional demands of motherhood. You’ll be thrilled to learn of the benefits associated with your most important profession, being a mom. Check it out on


Day Out With Daddy by Stephen Cook. Don’t wait for Father’s Day to buy this one! Any day can be daddy day with this darling picture book. The story involves Mommy heading out of town, (seems like a perfect reason to plan an overnight somewhere, mom!) and Daddy is in charge. Their adventures are a scream. I bought this one for Anderson, our four year old, and he cracks up whenever we read it. This will soon become a family favorite! Check it out on

May Reviews

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Book Reviews,Read All About It!

How many times as a mom have you dreamed that you had an extra pair of hands?  This month’s favorite is your dream come true. If Mom Had Three Arms is written by author Karen Kaufman Orloff and illustrated by one of our family favorites, Pete Whitehead.  You’ll love the mom with nine arms who “would throw lots of pitches” or the mom with ten arms who could “scratch all his itches”.  This is a fun and colorful counting book that has a touching ending that will soon become a family favorite. Check it out on


I was at the book store the other day and noticed an expecting mom sifting through all the countless pregnancy and baby book titles. Sound familiar? As I did with her, I want to share with you my favorite books which helped form my philosophies and made the greatest impact on my development as a mom. I will begin this month with Children the Challenge by Rudolph Dreikurs. This book is a must read, a must own and a must reread. The short chapters will keep your attention and provide you with easy to comprehend strategies for managing your children and their behavior. Dreikurs philosopy of using logical consequences to raise helathy kids inspired me and this book still sits on my bedside table. Check it out on