As a parent, you are faced with infinite demands placed on your finite time and energy.

To be more successful, you need to surround yourself with a network of experts, friends, and others who can help you achieve your goals, both for yourself and your family.

The following posts will reinforce that Asking For Help is A Strength, and Not A Weakness.

Work ethic is taught. It is learned. When you teach your kids to work and work hard, they are building skills that will determine their success in life. If your kids never work, they won’t understand how it feels to push through, even when it’s hard, boring, unfulfilling, or frustrating. You work because you have to, because someone is counting on you. Work requires determination, perseverance, and a commitment to succeed. Work begins around the house. It is in your home where the foundation is set. Establish daily chores for each of your kids, hold them to completion to the best of their ability, and then praise their effort. Mandate work before play. Do this daily–even when it’s hard. The more your kids practice working, the better they will get and the more responsible, hard working, and valuable they will be everywhere they go throughout their lives. They will move mountains!

A parent thrives with love and encouragement–just like a child. You need to find it. You need friends–real ones. Nobody deserves the kind of friends who look you up and down and criticize you behind your back. Those people aren’t friends. They are takers. They use you to fill up their glass, while they knock your’s over or even worse, take it. They steal your time and energy. You need genuine, kind, and caring people in your life– those who will honor and celebrate you and your family. You need people who tell you that you are amazing and mean it. You deserve a room filled with friends you can trust. You deserve to thrive.

Kids thrive on routine–knowing what’s next, and what is expected of them. As wonderful as summer break is, your kids will have more fun (and so will you) with a bit of structure to help guide them and build a new routine. This is where the Free inspiring Moms and Dads Morning and Evening Checklists come in. By giving your kids a step-by step plan for the morning, your kids will accomplish simple tasks like making their bed, cleaning up after breakfast, a morning chore, and reading, etc. You won’t hear, “Mom, can I have Sammy over?” or “Dad, can I have my computer time,” because they’ll learn their checklist needs to be completed before the fun begins each day. Establishing a bit of structure will make summer days smoother, less stressful, and more fun–for everyone! Make this the best summer, ever! Look to the left of this post and click on Summer Checklists. Enjoy!

There is no one who will love you the way a sibling loves you. Your siblings are your first, and often times your last play mates in life. They are the people closest to you as you learn to crawl, walk, and talk. They’ve seen you at your best and your worst, and in spite of it all, they forgive you when your worst is mean and hurtful. The love and acceptance you show your siblings grows in importance as you age and grow. Your siblings need to know you care– even when the responsibilities of raising your own family are great. As families come together this weekend, celebrate your siblings. Laugh about your childhood. The love you share is like no other

Teachers are heroes. They are your most treasured partners as you raise your kids. The amazing ones nurture, guide, and love your kids at all costs. Whether it’s showing extra compassion and patience for learning or shielding children from on-coming bullets or from a tornado, your kids’ teachers do more than teach–they save. Yes, there are more skilled teachers than others, yet when push comes to shove each is doing their best with the gifts given to them. What more can we as parents ask of another human being? Honor and celebrate the teachers in your family’s life. They have earned it.

The greatest gift you can give to a friend is to care about her/his kids. Show interest and follow their progress though life. When the time comes, be there to celebrate them or console them–just be there. Tell them how proud you are of their courage, hard work, and accomplishments. Recognize their gifts and cheer for them. That is what friends do for each other. I am so proud of the kids that my friends are raising. Let your friends know you are, too. Make it a great weekend!