As a parent, you are faced with infinite demands placed on your finite time and energy.

To be more successful, you need to surround yourself with a network of experts, friends, and others who can help you achieve your goals, both for yourself and your family.

The following posts will reinforce that Asking For Help is A Strength, and Not A Weakness.

Work really hard to be the mother who doesn’t criticize other mothers. None of us walk in each other’s shoes. We all know life is hard, why rub each other’s noses in it? Remember, when you criticize, your kids hear you. They are watching and learning how to treat others. Raise your kids to be supportive and lead by a strong example. “We don’t compare, we only support.” Is a great family and life motto to help you and your kids live a life rich in building others, not tearing them down. Say this motto to your kids to encourages strength and discourages criticizing and comparing within your home and outside of it. Build a world where support is the norm. Praise it in your home and your kids will carry it out into the community. You can absolutely do it!

When everyone pitches in at home, life is sweeter. The sooner your kids feel like they contribute, the sooner they will reap the benefits of being a part of a team. Cooperation and working together create strength and chores builds those muscles. Start small and start early. “I love the way you loaded your dish, great job!” or ” Look at you, you sure picked up your toys fast. Wow, you are like lightening!” Make a list of the chores your kids are capable of doing. Post it and create a schedule. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Remember, work strengthens responsibility, self esteem, and confidence. Working together creates happier, healthier, and stronger families. Just do it.

Your job as a parent doesn’t end with your kids–it can’t. No parent can be everywhere at all times to insure their son or daughter is making healthy and safe choices; physically, mentally, and emotionally. Don’t be afraid to respectfully step up and step in. It takes courage and a caring heart to confidentially go to another Mom or Dad and share information you would want to know if it were your child. Don’t be the parent who looks the other way; thinking, “Kids will be kids.” It’s those kids who one day may never reach adulthood because no one ever cared enough to step in. Be the parent that other parents can count on. You can absolutely do it!

No matter who you know, where you live, or the title after your name, if you are a parent, you struggle. Every parent struggles! We struggle with not knowing–wondering if we are doing all we can, if it’s right, or the best thing for our kids. This parenthood thing isn’t a walk in the park. It’s hard! We are all equal when it comes to knowing what exhaustion, frustration, joy, and sadness feels like. You are not alone in your struggles– every parent stands alongside you. You are not alone!

As our kids head off to school today, we are all reminded that every day is a gift. No matter how hard we work to keep our kids safe, tragedies happen. Life is fleeting. Each and every day every parent takes a leap of faith as they kiss their kids good-bye for the day. With the tragedy in Boston, and a few weeks ago, the one in the Birmingham airport, our kids are such gifts and we never know what is next. Hug your little ones today, call your older ones, and remind them what blessings they are to you. Never stop reminding them.

The most important team your kids will ever be on is yours. As coach, make sure your team understands the value of each player. Each of your kids strengthen your team as a whole. United you stand, divided you fall. Team spirit doesn’t just happen, it requires time spent together– laughing, working, building strength. It’s time to look at family time as “team building.” Make this weekend a winning one!