Summer is coming! As excited as we all are for a break in our routines, summer also adds a bit of stress to our lives – especially for working moms. Gone are the schedules that brought security, and guided you through the day.  Summer brings new responsibilities like swim lessons, baseball, all sorts of camps and now the stress of managing your family’s “free time.” Depending on your schedule, your kids may have tons of free time and think that they are going to fill it with cartoons. Help!

Well what if I told you that your first solution to make every day Mother’s Day is a daily checklist and here’s why.

A checklist is a powerful tool. It is a list of tasks that you need your kids to complete before they head out the door each morning, providing daily structure, which all children crave. It orients your kids to what is expected of them each and every morning. Think of it as their personal step-by-step guide to morning success. Who doesn’t want that? Kids love to feel successful. Your morning checklist shows them how!

I’ve used our morning and afternoon checklists for close to a decade. I was determined to enjoy the morning with my kids so my solution to manage the most crazy making time of my day was to create a support network—my kids!

Our kids are capable of so much, we just need to set them up for success. The morning checklist does just that.

You can download our summer checklists for free by clicking here. We’ve included one for kids who are gone for the day, maybe at camp or daycare, as well as for kids who typically stay home during the day. Some of the tasks are:  do my morning chore, write in my journal, and put on sun screen (Americans now have more cases of skin cancer than any other form of cancer)

I love these checklists and so will you!

Make it a fun summer day!

The Balance Map is hard to describe.  It’s an online tool for moms that was designed to help mothers find greater balance.   Amy Hilbrich Davis, the woman who created the Balance Map, talks about how this tool can benefit moms in this quick video clip.