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Raising a family is a demanding job and in most families, this tremendous responsibility falls to mothers.  Without the strategies and skills to feel successful, many mothers feel alone, uncertain, and guilty about whether they are doing enough or what is necessary to raise a happy, healthy, and successful family.

Inspiring Moms provides leadership and professional development for parenthood. Our strength-based program is modeled after the proven practices of professional development in the workplace and is delivered through a number of options to meet the time, learning, and budget needs of any organization.

Our program is grounded in four fundamental components to help mothers navigate the challenges of motherhood:

  1. Recipe for Success. Using the science of personal and family wellness, we have identified the Five Key Ingredients that contribute to happy and healthy families.  The Recipe for Success is a simple and enduring framework that provides focus and prioritization of the many demands a  mother must juggle to take control of and enjoy her busy life.
  2. Personal Inventory. This online self-assessment helps mothers reflect on their personal strengths and challenges for each of the Five Key Ingredients. Results of the Personal Inventory are translated into easy to read graphs to provide immediate direction and allow for measurement of progress over time.
  3. Best Practices. In the end, mothers are looking for proven solutions to their individual challenges. Best Practices provide the simple step-by-step direction with tried and true results.
  4. MAP (My Action Plan). The MAP is a single page “call to action” that clarifies a mother’s goals, strengths, and two greatest opportunities for growth. Because each mother has her own definition of success, the MAP maximizes her time, energy, and resources by focusing each mother’s efforts where she can make the greatest impact in her life.

Studies show that understanding your role, what you need to do, and how to do it are the three greatest factors for motivation and job satisfaction. Our program delivers all the above. We provide the strategies and tools to guide mothers toward achieving greater balance, success, and happiness, resulting in living a more fulfilled and satisfied life. We make a mother’s best even better.

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