Our Personal Coaching is similar to Life Coaching with one important difference:  our coaching assumes that the mother either does not possess the answer herself or she doesn’t have the luxury of time to discover it.  Coaching from Inspiring Moms provides an expanded level of insight and solutions to each mother.  Coaching is a good solution for a range of situations:

  • Need personal direction and solutions for a specific challenge (e.g. bedtime, discipline, or making yourself a priority).
  • Desire help in developing a personalized MAP (Mom Action Plan).
  • Desire ongoing direction and support to implement new practices or get through a difficult stage of motherhood (e.g. transition to elementary, middle, high school or college).

Inspiring Moms coaching is designed to effectively solve each challenge with solutions that can be implemented immediately.

Key Benefits For Mothers:

  • Convenient phone sessions that can be scheduled during the day or after the kids are in bed.
  • 100% Confidential
  • Highest level of personalized support and direction from Amy Hilbrich Davis, mother of seven and founder of Inspiring Moms

Key Benefits For Companies:

  • Allows higher level of investment and support to higher value employees (i.e. Executives and top performers)
  • More affordable than Life Coaching
    • Lower hourly rate
    • No minimum number of sessions