The Opportunity

As a leader, you don’t follow the trend, you create it.  You can’t be satisfied with your best for very long, because you know that there is always a better out there.  Today’s challenging business environment demands fresh insight, innovation, and provides an unprecedented opportunity to change the way companies approach work-life solutions.

You have the power to transform the life of each of your working mothers. You can give her what she needs and wants – peace-of-mind, confidence, and control in one of the most important parts of her life:  raising her family. When you do that, you get two powerful things in return:

  • Happier and healthier families
  • More productive and engaged employees

Work-life balance is an important, yet complex issue – especially for working mothers. Working mothers provide enormous value to companies, yet also have unique needs (see the Case for Working Moms).  The opportunity going forward is to expand your focus and efforts to address all aspects of the work-life experience.

Supporting The Whole Employee

There are three dimensions to the work-life dynamic:  work experience, work-life conflict management and the home/family experience.

Programs to date have largely focused on the first two dimensions, but the home life or family experience provides tremendous potential.  The next generation work life solutions will target this third dimension because:

  1. It creates an authentic and deeper connection between employer and employee.
    • As companies demand more and more from their employees, they need to demonstrate a commitment to their employees’ life outside the office.
    • Family life is a major source of good will. Family is almost four times more important than work in creating happiness and fulfillment.
  2. Addresses a highly relevant and unmet need for the employer and employee.
    • Research on work-life spillover concludes that family life can have a negative influence on work and that women with young children at home are most likely to report high levels of spillover.
    • Home life provides the greatest opportunity for improvement.  Over the years, tremendous time and money has been spent improving the work environment.  There has been little to no effort to address the lives of employees outside of the office.
  3. Reinforces and complements your current efforts.
    • Wellness.  Working mothers have to juggle many responsibilities. Given their finite time and energy, mothers are sacrificing their personal wellness to meet the needs of others.  This has a cost to mothers, their families, and their companies.
    • Flex-time.  Flex-time is an incredibly valuable schedule benefit. The next level of engagement comes when your employees learn how to fully maximize their time, energy, and resources when they are with their family.
    • Skill development.  Many of the skills required to be successful in raising a family are necessary for career success.  Using the family context for skill development is highly motivating and relevant to employees.

The companies that can deliver total work-life solutions (against all three dimensions of work-live balance) will win the hearts and minds of their employees.  This will result in a competitive advantage through greater employee effort, productivity, and engagement.

Inspiring Moms makes your Best employee program even Better by making your working mothers’ family experience even better.

Inspiring Moms provides professional development for motherhood.  We approach motherhood like a job and provide moms with the strategies, tools and best practices to achieve greater balance, success and happiness. Our program is flexible to meet the needs of your organization, easy to implement, and extremely affordable.

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