‘Date Night’ Movie: Why Weekly Dates Are Important

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Partner

If any of you saw the movie Date Night, I’m sure you saw reflections of your life!  It takes effort and planning to get alone time with your partner and one of the messages I liked from the movie was that the couple, Tina Fey and Steven Carell, had a weekly date on the calendar.

Ever take a minute break, perhaps at your desk or while folding laundry or driving your kids to and from school and wonder what attracted you to your partner? Can you remember what you used to do before you had kids? What do you miss about those days?

Date Night is a funny movie but the film has some life lessons! If you are like many moms, you forget. It happens to all of us–you’ve got work to do, dinner to make, dishes to clean up, kids to bathe, and tuck into bed. And the fun starts all over again tomorrow!  Who has the time or the energy to think about the guy sleeping next to you?

You do, that’s who! Investing your precious time and energy on your relationship matters to you, and your entire family.  A happier, healthier and stronger couple raises happier, healthier, and more successful kids! Yes, your shadow as parents sends an enormously powerful message to your family.

For many of moms, the answer can be as simple as a date night, yet taking the time to find a sitter, plan a date, write out the kids schedules, get dressed (who knows what’s in your closet that fits), along with everything else that needs to be done before you walk out the door can be so daunting that many parents chose to just stay home. Yet what’s missing is the fun, the spontaneity, and excitement.

Sell the Dream of a Loving Partnership
It’s up to you to “Live the Life You Want Your Kids To Live!” if you want your sons and daughters to enjoy a dynamic, fun, and loving partner relationship when they are older, you need to show them how it’s done, today. You need to make time for each other, go on dates, laugh, and enjoy each other.

It’s up to you to “sell the dream” of what raising a thriving family looks like right along side nurturing a loving partner relationship. Parenthood is work, sure, and it’s also tons of fun!

This preview from Date Night made me laugh because I wear a retainer at night!

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