Encourage Your Kids To Welcome Their Friends Into Your Home

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Daily Insights,Parenting

CREATE A HOME YOUR KIDS LOVE LIVING IN. Encourage them to share the happiness in your home and invite their friends over. Your house doesn’t have to be the biggest, the fanciest, or the one with the pool table, all you need is to create an environment that is happy, healthy, safe, comfortable, and welcoming. Be the Mom or Dad that loves when the kids ask, “Mom can I have everyone over after the dance?” Without hesitation, happily answer, “Yes! I’d love to have your friends over!” Make certain everyone is clear on your boundaries. Be present–close at hand to supply more bottles of water, cookies, or chips. Welcome your kids’ guests as they arrive. Introduce yourself, get their names, and be the last one to thank them for coming over as they walk out the front door. Treasure those times. Your kids will grow up fast. Don’t let the time pass you by…

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