Exercise for a Strong You

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Personal Wellness


Exercise is important for moms because it helps us strong both mentally and physically.  Recently I was out of town on business and the day got away from me so I squeezed in some time walking up a virtual hill and watched while Yu-Na skated her short program in the Olympics! Talk about inspiring!

I’ve always loved to exercise. I’m that girl who likes to sweat for reasons other than chasing after her kids. I love how I feel during and after exercising, but it’s so easy for it to get lost in the daily shuffle of everyone else’s needs.

Anyway, on my trip, I made time to exercise even though it was midnight and I was on my friends’ treadmill watching figure skating. She was sleeping but for me, if I don’t exercise, I just don’t feel right.

When we lived in Illinois, I’d sneak downstairs to the musty, cobwebbed basement to work out on the Nordic Track.   Randy and I saved for that contraption so I could squeeze exercise into my day (talk about setting me up to fail). I would descend either early in the morning or late at night turning on the radio and cross country skiing for 45 minutes. The worst part was trying to ignore the piles of dirty laundry starring at me from across the room.

Not the sexiest set up, but it was all I had.

Making time to exercise while raising a family is hard. It wasn’t easy when I had one child, it wasn’t easy when I had four kids under four, and it certainly isn’t easy now.

There are many days when I never get it done, but when I do, I feel great, and that feeling carries me all day.

The funny thing is, even though I know It’s good for me, I still have to constantly remind myself to fit it in because I know that the stronger I feel, the better the wife, mom, and friend I am.

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