Expect Happiness: You Are Worth It!

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Personal Wellness

You may work at home, at an office, or out in the field. You may get paid big bucks, just enough to make ends meet, or nothing at all (at home parent). You may be the parent who drops your kids at school, picks them up again, and makes dinner–because you are all your kids have got, or you may watch your partner manage the day to day care without you. No matter who you are, you NEED to BE HAPPY. The grass isn’t always or even sometimes, greener. EVERYONE STRUGGLES with some form of guilt related to their work life choices. Lose the guilt and focus on what counts: The love, relationships, and connections you create with your kids. This will be how you define success in 20 years. I want you to feel a deep sense of satisfaction and success as a Mom or Dad–no matter your choice. You can absolutely do it!

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