Frugal Ideas for Family Travel

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Home and Family Management,Support

Family travel can be fun and frugal!  What mom doesn’t want to save money? Although traveling in numbers can be costly, you don’t need to spend a mint to make wonderful memories and enjoy the gift of time with your loved ones.

Spring Break is coming up for many of us and I’ve got some cheap but fun ideas for family travel.  The difference between a frugal family trip and an expensive family trip can often times be found in doing a bit of travel research. I know, who has the time to research–We’ll in anticipation of your time crunch, here are some tips to find some cheap Spring Break activities in your area:

I’ve found good and cheap ideas on our state Travel and Tourism website. Here is a link to a list of all the Travel and Tourism websites for the 50 states.

CNN has a great article about Museums Your Kids Will Love.

Virtual Tourist and Trip Advisor are good websites to seek out information like a tourist.

Convention and Visitors Bureau websites are a wealth of information for activities.

Over on CafeMom, an awesome site, you’ll find a list of Cheap Thrills, recession proof entertainment ideas.

Do you have any cheap Spring Break ideas?  Please let me know!

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