Get Away with Your Partner!

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Partner

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Making time for your partner matters, yet for so many of us, it is the last thing we schedule in  after a busy day or week. I know it is easier said than done, yet we need to do it, not only for our sake ( and sanity), but for the health and happiness of our families. Spending time with your partner is no longer a luxury or a nice to do, but a need to do!

Getting away with my husband used to mean waking up in a five star hotel (business trips to Las Vegas or Puerto Rico) or sneaking off to a boutique hotel in Chicago. Now I’m waking up in a business-chain hotel in suburban Kansas.

No chocolates on the pillows or promises of “in room duet massages” (whatever those are—I never found out), instead we had to beg for free wi-fi so we could check emails.

We were mid-blizzard without a plan, no fabulous restaurant reservations or tickets to the hottest show in town. Whereas in the early years of our marriage I might have planned every moment of our time away and packed a hamper filled with treats and great wine, this time we left on the fly with nothing more to eat than a few stray cheerios stuck in the car seat. I didn’t even pack a hairbrush.

It also never occurred to me to check and see if the hotel had a swimming pool (it did, but since we didn’t think to pack bathing suits, its appeal was lost on us).

After eighteen years of marriage, I was just happy to be out of our house with my husband for some much-needed time alone.

Part of the reason I married my husband is that he’s amazing in a crisis. He’s one of those calm, cool and collected people who isn’t easily flustered and manages to keep everything in perspective. I sometimes get bogged down in the minutiae of every day (who has a book report due, what soccer team needs snacks,), he helps me step back and see the big picture.

He also has his priorities straight.

After we negotiated our wi-fi (he paid for it and I got mine for free, which chapped me), we got online and checked email.

Then realized that we were sitting side by side on our respective laptops during what was supposed to be our quick getaway.

We started laughing and quickly unplugged.

And that’s when he pulled out the bottle of champagne he’d packed in his duffle bag.

So while we may not have been touring some exotic land or sampling the latest in artisan cocktails (not sure exactly what that means but they sounded kind of fun when I read about them online), we still managed to feel like we were far, far from home.

Even though we were just seven miles down the road.

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