Honor All Efforts From Another Parent

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Daily Insights,Personal Wellness,Support

My children’s school PTO recently asked for volunteers to help out with the Grandparent’s Luncheon. One Mother sent a reply apologizing for not being able to physically help out, yet said she would drop off some food. Here was my response ( as co-chair for the event): Thank you so much for sharing your treats with the Grandparents. Your contribution is exactly what we need! No worries on not physically being there. Your commitment is as strong as any Mom or Dad’s who will be ushering and serving. Each of us shares our gifts of time & energy in the way that works best– yours is in the baking (or buying)! Make it a great day, Amy. Her email reply: Amy – this is one of the nicest emails I have ever gotten! Thank you for making me feel like it will be ok to send in food since I can’t be there physically. Believe me….I would much rather be helping out at school instead of work! ………As I read this mom’s email, I was reminded how important it is that we honor another parent’s efforts. Our words make a difference!

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