How Deep Is Your Love? Tell Them!

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Daily Insights,Parenting

It’s so important that your kids understand the depth of your love for them. Your love honors, encourages, and grounds them. Never tire of saying, “I love you.” Your love is a powerful reminder to how they view themselves. Just knowing that your love is un-waivoring and never-ending builds their sense of self. “Momma loves you so much!” is something that I’ve always said after cozying my kids for the night. After prayers, I would try to explain how much, “so much,” meant. I would say, “I love you from here to school, up the block to the library, down to the train station, cross town to North Side Park and then back home again. I’d throw a couple of “from here to the stars, around the moon, and the ocean,” too, for dramatic effect. Although my explanation would change every night (depending on how tired I was), what my kids knew was that my love never stopped. The love and security you create early on in your childrens’ lives is the foundation that they will build upon. How much do you love your kids? Tell them!

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