How in the world do you talk on the phone and keep your 7 kids from interrupting you every 5 seconds? I feel like I can’t get a minute of peace.

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Ask Amy,Parenting,Parenting Tips,Personal Wellness

I know this can be frustrating and that’s why I came up with a strategy to both enjoy my conversation and teach my kids to respect my time and attention.

If I am speaking to someone on the phone and one of my kids needs me and it is not an emergency (ie, house on fire, someone in danger, or someone at the door,) that child quietly, (yes, without sound) stands next to me and holds my hand– done. It is that easy. The gesture of taking my hand signals to me that he or she would like my attention as soon it is convenient for me to give it. This best practice teaches my kids patience, respect and proper etiquette not to interrupt someone during a conversation. This works for all ages of kids, yet it will only work if you do it– every day, no exceptions

One last thing, if your kids don’t cooperate, the consequence is that they lose whatever it was they wanted or needed in the first place. If interrupted, your answer must always be “No.” It will take some practice, but you will get good at it. Believe me; your kids will start to follow your rule pretty quickly, especially if you are consistent. Keep in mind that the inspiring Moms job description is to “keep your kids, happy, healthy, safe and cozy.” This strategy helps you proactively develop healthy kids by instilling patience, respect and cooperation. Be sure to praise their cooperation. Patience is a virtue, yet learning it takes practice.

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