I’m a stay-at-home mom and stressed about keeping the kids occupied this summer. Help!

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

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First off, you aren’t the only one who is stressing about what to do with the kids this summer. Your question came up a lot this last week. Think about it, in a week or so, the entire structure of your life and your child’s day is going to change—pretty drastically. What may have been P.E on Mondays, and Art on Tuesdays is now going to Mommy on Monday and Mommy on Tuesday. No pressure there, huh!

First thing to remember is this: kids thrive in a structured environment. That is why teachers post each day’s schedule on the bulletin board. Kids take comfort in knowing what is next. Routines and structure empower a child to anticipate the energy and effort necessary to be successful.

Establishing structure at home will yield you the similar benefits. Knowing that mornings bring certain activities will make those mornings so much more enjoyable for you and your kids. You can be creative within your routines, yet the structure and direction sets both you and your kids up for success.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

*  Read to your kids. Start the day off together snuggling in your bed with a pile of books. You get to stay in bed a bit longer and they get to pick out their favorite books for reading time.

*  Turn off your television and surround your kids with books, paper and pencils, markers and stickers and let them go to town. Without the television as a diversion, your kids will build their imagination, intelligence and self-esteem by relying on themselves for entertainment.

*  Get out most mornings. Whether it is to a park, pool for swimming lessons, a class or the library. Have a reason to get up and go and then exercise those sweet kids of yours. They need it, and so do you!

*  Come home for lunch and if appropriate, nap your sweet children or at the very least, maintain a quiet time. Your kids will be so much better prepared for the fun the afternoon will bring and so will you!

*  Pick one day a week, (I like Fridays) and pack up your kids and take them on a Mom’s Day. Surprise your kids with a morning or afternoon activity of your choice. What makes you happy? Share it with your kids! Talk about inspiring!

As you jump into summer, remember that every day is an opportunity to create fun and lasting memories. When in doubt, play in the sprinklers, get out the bubbles, make an obstacle course and crack up with your kids. Those are the memories that will last forever!

Make it a great day and keep those questions coming!

Send your questions, concerns, and challenges to askamy@inspiringmoms.com. How can I help you and your family?


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