Insights: Creating a Loving Relationship

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Partner

It’s the month of love, yet are you feeling it from your partner? Is he feeling it from you? If not, you are not alone. Are you thinking, “Are you kidding me Amy, who has the time or the energy?” I hear you, but, guess what– that isn’t a good enough reason to put your relationship with your partner on the back burner. We seem to make the time to run our kids around town to their practices, play dates and games, yet our time falls short with our partner. Remember, the quality of your partner relationship is related to the success and happiness of your family.


Improving, or maintaining, the relationship can make a difference, not only in how wonderful it is feels to you both, but in the example you set for your kids. Did you know that the stronger relationship you have with your partner, the better mom you will be?  It’s time to re-energize your life with your partner and date again. Have fun, laugh and get all dressed up for each other, wear that perfume you only wear for him (or find one he likes and start now) and live the life you want your kids to live!


If you feel like your relationship with your partner could use a pick me up, think twice about an expensive gift and consider a book to spark a lifetime of adventures of your own. Pick up your copy of 1001 ways to be Romantic by Gregory J. P. Godek. “Packed with hundreds of ideas to transform your relationship into a vibrant, exciting love affair,” –it’s one of those gifts that keeps on giving–and who doesn’t want that! 


Check out their website for some quick tips and see what you think before buying a copy; you have nothing to lose and lots to gain! Check it out on  

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