Make Each Day A Celebration In Your Home

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Daily Insights,Home and Family Management,Parenting

Creating a happy and joyful environment for your kids can be tough when getting through the day feels like a feat in and of itself. Every parent knows how that feels. ┬áDon’t feel bad about the fact that you feel too tired to be fun some days. Some of the easiest ways to be festive is to surround yourself with your kids’ artwork. Hang it up. Don’t worry about frames right now. Your kids will love seeing their creations decorating your halls, kitchen, windows, and doors. Streamers wrapped around light fixtures make any special occasion festive and more fun. Leave construction paper out the night before a holiday and sprinkle crayons on the counter. Let them spend some time in the morning making creations (maybe cards for Grandma?). Praise their efforts and make the day a celebration. You are more fun than you think (you really are)!

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