Morning and Afternoon Checklist

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Remember, the beauty is in the routine the checklist creates. By following the list, your children will enjoy the benefits of knowing what is next and have a plan to be successful. Having a plan for success is empowering and makes achieving success easier and more fun.

Your role with the checklist is to encourage and praise their efforts. Some great phrases are:

“I like the way you follow the list.”
“You are making such progress on your list, way to go!”
“You made some great choices for lunch today!”
“I like the way you help out your sister.”
“I knew you could do it!”

If your kids resist the list, consider replying with:
“I have confidence in you that you can get it all done.”
“Knowing you, you’ll find a way to make it happen.”
“Keep your focus and you’ll be great.”
“All you can do is your best, I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

There are many benefits for you and your children when checklists become a part of your day.  Remember, your children crave your praise and positive attention.  The more opportunities you create for them to take responsibility for themselves, the more opportunities you have to genuinely praise their efforts.  Download Morning and Afternoon Checklists
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