No Training for the Job of Mom or Dad

Did you know that Starbucks trains new store employees for three weeks, and a total of 35 hours to make a cup of coffee?

Companies spend over $100 billion each year on training and development to help their employees be more successful at their job.

But there is no training or formal preparation for one of the most important roles a mom will ever have!  At Inspiring Moms and Dads and FamilyLife Success, we believe the the time has come to apply that same commitment to professional development at home.

balance MAP – Inspiring Moms and Dads New Product

The newly released Inspiring Moms and Dads balance MAP is an innovative tool that creates a personalized road map – in just 15 minutes. The balance MAP builds from a parent’s individual strength and provides recommended proven solutions to help them find what works best. This new tool from Inspiring Moms and Dads takes the guesswork out of parenthood.

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