Raising Kids To Think Means Letting Them Lead

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Daily Insights,Parenting

WHAT’S A SOLUTION? THIS PHRASE NEEDS TO BECOME YOUR GO TO PHRASE TO NURTURE CONFIDENCE AND CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS IN YOUR KIDS. It’s natural to want to do for your kids, yet it’s so important to let your kids THINK and figure things out or at least initiate the process. For example: “Mom, I’m thristy?” Before you jump to get some water or milk, ask your child, “What’s a solution?” Let your child come up with, “may I have some water, or I’d like a drink.” Another example: “Mom, I can’t find my shoes!” Your reply, ” What’s a solution?” And then let your child THINK it through on his/her own. I know your natural tendency is to do, yet STOP. Remember that your job is to teach your kids to do for themselves. It’s in doing for themselves that they build self esteem and confidence, as well as learn to self direct, and believe in their abilities.

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