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Really try to stop comparing yourself to other moms–no one wins. You will always find someone  who is bigger, stronger, and faster, if you are looking for it. When you embrace who YOU are and focus on what YOU want out of motherhood, then living up to your dreams and ideals becomes your goal. And achieving it is your focus. Who has energy to waste on anything or anyone else? Think of how much more fun you will have with your family when you live YOUR dream , as opposed to trying to live the dream of another!

Are you fortunate enough to have someone you turn to for help? That one person that you can be say anything to, who supports you as you raise your family and vice-versa? If not, find her. She will be your salvation–celebrating you in the good times and buoying you in the rough ones. Life is sweeter when shared.

We’ve all been raised to believe that motherhood is an instinct. Well, I disagree! Although I  think that it’s natural to want to “protect” and “feed” our kids, raising them with integrity, work ethic, responsibility, faith, etc. is a skill and one that benefits from training and development. Like any profession or job, training and development is smart–it works. We become more effective and efficient.  Don’t feel “less” because you don’t know how to do something as a mom.  How could you?  Seek out experts, people whom you trust to guide you on your journey. You will feel happier, healthier, and more successful when you start to view motherhood through this lens and not the lens of  self-judgement–you really will.

Self-Discipline drives the most successful Olympic athletes to train for years, working and sacrificing today to achieve their goals and dreams of tomorrow.

Self-discipline is also what empowers moms each day to set and enforce limits and boundaries for their kids. Being Self-disciplined as a mom is no easy feat, especially when you’ve been up all night with a sick toddler, you’ve got a fever, and your son just dropped a full gallon of milk on the kitchen floor (uggh). It’s the self-discipline in each of us that helps us to enforce consequences, overlook the possibilities of an unhappy child or unpleasantness, and hope for the promise of raising one with strong character, moral fiber, work ethic, and integrity. Self-discipline is the stuff that happy, fulfilled, and successful moms are made of because it helps us raise a happy, healthy, loving, and responsible child.–our Olympic gold, our dream.

Like motherhood, self –discipline doesn’t come easy. In fact, based on the inspiring Moms’ balance Map, it is the single greatest challenge faced by modern moms. Having the discipline to follow through is tough. No one wants to be the “bad guy.” Life is chaotic and the demands of juggling your needs with the needs of kids, home, work, and family are astonishing. Who has the energy to follow through and be consistent? It’s easier to let it slide. It’s also hard for us to be disciplined because it requires energy and some days we have little if any on reserve.

But , the truth is, like Apollo Ono and his work outs, we still have to do it even when it’s hard and we don’t want to. As hard as it is, nothing will make us feel better in motherhood than having a plan and then being disciplined in working it each day. Nobody expects perfection, but practice makes permanent and it will get easier. I promise.