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Parenting Tips

Really try to stop comparing yourself to other moms–no one wins. You will always find someone  who is bigger, stronger, and faster, if you are looking for it. When you embrace who YOU are and focus on what YOU want out of motherhood, then living up to your dreams and ideals becomes your goal. And achieving it is your focus. Who has energy to waste on anything or anyone else? Think of how much more fun you will have with your family when you live YOUR dream , as opposed to trying to live the dream of another!

Your Mindset  or how you think, matters. It affects how you act, which affects your results. If you believe that you can, you will! . You are your child’s most powerful role model. Live the life you want them to live. They are watching and learning.  You can absolutely achieve your dreams. Show your kids how!

Stop and breathe. Remind yourself of your priorities. It’s easy to get caught up in meeting everyone else’s desires and expectations, especially during the holidays. Please yourself today and give yourself grace to focus on what makes you and your family the happy and healthiest. Do it! Everyone else can wait.

When you feel happy, healthy, and satisfied with what you do all day, your kids follow suit.  A mother with high job satisfaction raises kids who are  happier and less stressed, than a mother with low job satisfaction. You are organically connected to your children. This study had nothing to do with where you live, how many activities your children are in, or what they wear, but how YOU feel. Your happiness matters to your family’s wellness. Find it. Your family is counting on you.

Choose your friends wisely. The company you keep sends an important message to your kids and your community. Time is your most valuable resource, don’t squander it on people who don’t support you, your commitment to your family, or who monopolize your time with negativity, zapping your energy. Respectfully move on from relationships that drain you or negatively affect your family. Surround yourself with goodness. You only go around once!

We’ve all been raised to believe that motherhood is an instinct. Well, I disagree! Although I  think that it’s natural to want to “protect” and “feed” our kids, raising them with integrity, work ethic, responsibility, faith, etc. is a skill and one that benefits from training and development. Like any profession or job, training and development is smart–it works. We become more effective and efficient.  Don’t feel “less” because you don’t know how to do something as a mom.  How could you?  Seek out experts, people whom you trust to guide you on your journey. You will feel happier, healthier, and more successful when you start to view motherhood through this lens and not the lens of  self-judgement–you really will.