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Simple Mom

Simple Mom is a great blog for advice on how to live simply.  Simple Mom is written by  Tsh Oxenreider. Tsh is a wife, a mom to two kids, an American expat, a graphic designer, and writer.

As a mom of many, I have little choice  or time not to be organized. It usually took me one, maybe two times of  forgetting the baby bag, or stroller, and then I realized that I needed a way to prevent that from ever happening again( especially on vacation). So here are a few of my favorite ways to get organized before heading out the door this Spring.

It sounds simple, but make a baby bag checklist. Keep it in the kitchen, maybe on the frig, and before you leave the house, double check that your bag passes your inspection. This also helps your husband or care giver keep your family on track.

Another favorite travel strategy , especially if you are traveling for hours on end, is to wrap up dollar store gifts or snacks to brighten the faces of your little travelers every hour or so. I use aluminum foil ( so easy to wrap) and then number them with a sharpie. As the trip unfolds, I’ll tell the kids to take surprise number 1 or 2, etc.  out of their backpacks. They love it, and it makes the journey more fun for everyone!

Tsh has some great travel ideas, too. Her  blog is a great one to visit for inspiration because it’s very SIMPLE and easy to read.

Here is a great post about holiday travel with kids that you’ll love now, and  all year long.