The Greatest Gift: Reading

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Daily Insights,Parenting

MAKE TIME TO READ AND SNUGGLE WITH YOUR CHILD EACH DAY. As hectic as life may seem (especially during the holidays), give yourself and your kids a gift; the joy of reading together. Snuggle up together first thing in the morning before the breakfast craze, after dinner, or before bed to nurture a love for the written word. Tell your child who wrote the book, “The author or writer of all of the words in this book is….” and the illustrator or person who drew/painted the pictures is …” The more you read together, the more you and your kids will begin to recognize an illustrator or author’s style. Together you will travel to far away places and make new friends–all in the coziness of your arms and comfort of your home. The benefits of reading last a lifetime. And so will your memories

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