Family Travel Tips: Carry Your Own Bag

by Michelle Lamar

in Home and Family Management

My husband Tim is a natural adventurer.  My kids and I joke that if he were born hundreds of years ago, he would have been one of the explorers who sailed to the new world or took wagon trains west.  Tim loves to travel and he created one of our the first family Rules of the Road.

Rules of the Road – Rule #1

If You Can’t Carry It, Don’t Bring It.

Tim and I mandated very early in our family travels that if the kids couldn’t carry it in their back packs, they shouldn’t bring it along in the car or the airplane.  This rule was to keep some of the stuff to a minimum en route to our destination.  Making the kids carry what they brought on the trip, from the time they could walk, seemed harsh to some people. But as the girls grew older, it was one of the best things we ever did and Tim’s vision of a traveling family was the reason.

Obviously car seats, food, essentials did not make the “must carry” list for kids. But it kept the toy and doll count down to a minimum.  Because there is NOTHING worse than losing that special car or doll on a trip, especially for a really young child.  The picture you see in this post is one of our family family backpacks from Lands End. I love Lands End products because they are tough enough for kids. Lands End offers backpacks and tote bags that last forever and are a reasonable price.

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