Yoga and Motherhood

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Personal Wellness


The practice of yoga reminds me a lot of being a mom. Yoga, like motherhood completely challenges me: physically, mentally, and emotionally. I can’t tell you how many times though, while I’m twisting into a position (dripping with sweat), I would like nothing better than to stop, roll up my mat and quit. It hurts, takes so much concentration, and it’s just plain hard. But what motivates me to stay in class, or the carrot that dangles before me, is the amazing sense of confidence and accomplishment I feel when I hit my stride and stay focused. “Stay with it, Amy. You can so do this. Think how great you’ll feel after class.” These are the thoughts racing through my mind in those moments of doubt and despair.

Aahh, yes, feelings of doubt and despair–we all know how it feels to doubt ourselves, wondering if what we are doing is right, or the best thing for our kids. But, unlike a yoga or aerobics class, we don’t have the option to walk out. We are “lifers” at motherhood. It’s when we embrace the challenges and work through them to find our stride that we are rewarded with intense love, pride, and joy, unlike anything we have ever felt in our lives.

I feel such happiness and a sense of accomplishment from being Johnathon, Evelyn, Connor Charlotte, Oliver, Louisa, and Anderson’s Mom. My children are my greatest accomplishment and they inspire me to WANT to be my best. Some days my best is pretty good, others days…not so much, but most importantly, I show up for  “class” and do my best to find my way.  I may not be the strongest or most limber, but I’m “Mom.” Lucky me.

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