Your Most Important Job: Safe Kids In Body, Mind, & Spirit

by Amy Hilbrich Davis

in Daily Insights,Parenting

YOUR MOST IMPORTANT PRIORITY AS A MOM or DAD IS TO KEEP YOUR KIDS SAFE. Safety is a huge bucket. When you think of safe, think of the friendships your kids make, the environments in which your kids spend their time, and the activities in which they choose. It’s your responsibility to make certain that they are safe–mentally, emotionally, and physically. From the moment your children can speak, they need to know that you have a job and that’s to keep them healthy and safe. TELL THEM, over and over. You take it seriously and NO ONE, not a friend, teacher, priest, or uncle/aunt IS ALLOWED TO BULLY OR TOUCH THEM INAPPROPRIATELY, EVER! Mess with my kids, you mess with me!

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